Trackman Golf Academy

What is a Trackman IIIe Launch Monitorf and how can it help you?

Trackman has really many uses depending on what kind of info your looking for. Lets start with the golf ball. If you watch golf on tv than you've seen it already. Its the big lines you see tracking the ball after golfer hits there shot. What you don't get to see is how that shot happened.

All golf shots are results of what the golf club is doing at impact. There are many factors at impact that cause the ball to react differently, things such as the clubface, the club path and clubhead speed. Trackman has 26 data perameters of club delivery, launch, ball flight, and TrackMan Combine data.

Impact happens so fast that it makes it virtually impossible to see what just happened. Trackman utilizies 3D Radar Technologies which is used in the military to track projectiles, now its tracking the golf ball. Control the ball and you control your game.

When having a lesson at Joe Park Trackman Golf Academy you will go through the process of understanding the numbers and what they mean to asses what what happened on each shot. More importantly you'll know where your "misses" on the golf course comes from and how to correct it immediately.


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