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Spring Tune Up 2015

Spring is here and you want to get ready for the golf season. What can you do to get your swing tuned up? Ideas of what to do is endless, especially if you read golf magazines or watch the golf channel. As a golf coach of over 20 years the basic fundamentals will never change. This means the grip, posture, alignment and the golf swing.

I dont know your tendencies so making a swing change requires seeing your misses and the only way to see that is to watch you swing. So the drill I have will help any swing because I'm going to rely on golf science that is all around you, let me explain.

The drill is to take out a golf club and to take 100 swings a day without a golf ball. The snow is melted so I would prefer you do it outside. Did you say without a golf ball? Yes! Make just air swings. I'll explain how it will help you but the reason I said outside is sometimes practicing indoors makes you too constricted so you might make adjustments like shortening your swing to miss the ceiling or the lamps. lol

Making just dry swings without the ball allows your brain to learn what the best way for YOU to swing is. How I know that you'll make significant changes is because golf science is all around you at work without seeing it.

Gravity will help the steepness of the swing and the angle of the shaft will create some roundness. The power to move the swing will require thousands of muscles, (more than you want to try and control) so momentum will be your friend.

Here's how you do the drill.

1- Grab a middle iron( 6-7-8 iron) Get into your address posture by bending from the waist

2- With the club hovering off the about 5 inches swing it forward first to get the momentum going

3- Then swing the club back and Swing the club forward into a balanced finish.

There are many ways to modify this drill depending on what your goal is. One tip I can give you is, if your swing is overall too upright you can hover it a foot or two off the ground first. This will shape your swing more to be more around your body flattening out your plane overall. If you don't know what your miss tendencies are then lets do a one on one golf lesson so I can see it, to make the nessesary changes that will help you be more consistent and have more fun.

You'll see in the photo to start the backswing you have to swing it forward first then back.

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