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From beginner's to scratch golfers, he can help and relate in easy to understand ways that will have you see near instant improvement.”

- Jake D.

He's friendly, easy going and reliable.  His strength is that he simplifies his teaching to match the client’s ability to learn.

- Dan S.



Are you tired of the same results year after year?

Are you new to golf and would like to learn quicker than golfers that have been playing for awhile? If you answered Yes, then it's time to see Joe.  Using his time-tested approach to instruction that spans more than two decades of success, he has helped thousands of golfers take their game to a whole new level.  His philosophy is to find your swing, then tailor a program to help you become the best golfer you can be.

  • 25yrs of Golf Teaching & Coaching 

  • Golf Swing Specialist

  • Short Game Specialist

  • On-Course Management & Strategy

  • Custom Golf Club Fitting & Testing

  • Junior Golf  Programs

  • Digital Video Swing Analysis 

  • Couples & Group Lessons Available

  • Golf Schools - 1/2 day to 2 day 

  • Corporate Outings & Events

Contact Joe Today! 

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Joe Park

I have tried to improve at golf for decades. I have taken numerous lessons, read books, watched videos and bought lots of new equipment. Nothing changed. I hit weak fades and scored well only when my short game was clicking. Then, I met Joe Park. He explained the science of the golf stroke. It was a simple guide to hit the ball at your target. Anyone can hit the ball in the air and straight at the target. It's science and it’s not rocket science. Do you think golf is too tough? Does your new driver slice or hook just like last year’s model? End the frustration and save money with just three words, Call Joe Park.

Tom P.

My ball striking consistency is much better and I am enjoying the game. Joe has also taught me to recognize the causes of different ball flight tendencies which has allowed me to fix my own swing. I have dropped 12 strokes from my game with Joe's help, and I am enjoying the game more than ever.

Tom K.

I was an above average player (7 handicap) that was tortured by spikes and valleys of day to day scores. Joe’s swing philosophy helped me to create a more consistent swing which in turn helped create more consistent scorecards. Most golfers looking for a breakthrough are ready to invest in new equipment to try and take them to the next level (in fact, that’s what I did) but the reality was, a more efficient swing was what I really needed. Invest in your swing with Joe before you invest in technology.

Matt P.

After working with Joe, I'm scoring lower and golf is fun again!  I highly recommend Joe to anyone who loves golf - whether you're a beginner looking to get started on the right foot, or a seasoned veteran who needs to correct a swing hitch or move to the next level. 

Max R.

Golf Schools

Joe Park Golf Schools
It's time to drop your handicap and get rid of that slice for good. You've said it year after year, 'This is the year I will do something about my golf game'. You know that in order to seriously improve, you must immerse yourself in a golf school that will focus on all parts of your game. Let me help you understand exactly what your game needs so you can play your best and enjoy your time on the course. At Joe Park Golf Schools, I am the only Instructor, so you can count on getting the best instruction, the personal attention you deserve, and at your pace. Attending a golf school is a sound way to invest in your golf game. To better understand your needs fill out the survey and I will contact you to answer your questions and to build the perfect golf school experience for your needs and budget.

Private Golf Schools Include:

  • Personalized Instruction and Coaching entirely with Joe

  • 1/2 day to 2 full day sessions available

  • Daily On-Course learning with Joe

  • The use of Video Analysis Technology 

  • A Personalized Practice station for each Client

  • Take Home Video Summaries

  • Lunch and Beverages each day 

  • Complimentary On-line lesson service

  • Follow Up via email, text or phone

Corporate Golf  

Business & Corporate Golf 

Golfing has been the backdrop for corporate decisions and business deals since the first country club opened its doors in the late nineteenth century. When business is mixed with golf, the course becomes a platform that goes far beyond fairways and greens. Golf is a great way to entertain clients, grow relationships, build employee morale, and thank your partners.

Golf outings are among the most important tools in corporate entertainment. I invite you, your staff, clients and partners to come and spend the day with me and let me help you understand exactly what your game needs in order to enjoy your time out on the golf course. Even the most self-assured execs may hesitate to play in an outing if they've just taken up the game. In my schools, I do private one on one or small group schools. This allows you to receive personal attention. Contact me today to learn about how I can help you and your business.

Corporate Events Includes:

  • Full Swing Lessons & drills

  • Short game drills & technique

  • On-course situational learning 

  • The use of training aids & video analysis

  • A personalized practice project for each student

  • Daily video summaries

  • Golf gift package

  • Food and beverages can be catered 

  • Fun!

Corporate Golf  Request 

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“Golf tells you much about character. Play a round of golf with someone, and you know them more intimately than you might from years of dinner parties."- Harvey Penick, Little Red Book

"I saw how business was conducted on golf courses. I saw how relationships and trusts were built. The account executives delivered all the news they needed to deliver instead of having a business meeting, and it was done in an environment that was more cordial and far more supportive, because you're playing a game as well as conducting business."”
- Jeffrey , Corporate Executive 

Joe Park is a premier golf teacher giving golf instruction in Scottsdale, Arizona specializing in private individual golf lessons, corporate outings, group golf lessons and 1-2 day best golf school vacations. Joe is a golf professional teaching golf for more than 25 years. His approach to teaching golf is always the same whether he's teaching beginners golf lessons, womens golf lessons, or intermediate, advanced, and professional golfers, which is to keep it simple and tailor the lesson to the individual.

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