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1 Hour Private Lesson


This custom lesson is for the player, regardless of skill level, who desires a one-on-one setting to concentrate on a specific area of the game. Video swing analysis and lesson summary are included.

2 Hour Tune-Up

Designed to target both full swing and short game. Looking for a "tune-up" to a certain aspect of your game before that next round? This is the choice for you. Video swing analysis and take home a video summary.

On-Course Playing Lesson


Besides working on your golf swing, and short game, I help my clients learn how to play golf on the golf course with On-Course Playing Lessons. The golf course can provide learning opportunities that the driving range lacks. If the goal is to learn how to play better golf, than the golf course is the place to learn it. 



A good golf teacher must first know the fundamental mechanics of the golf swing, then tailor the golf instruction to the individual  Most importantly don't change what a golfer does naturally, you just want to improve on it.   There's no such thing as the perfect swing. The golf swing is all about generating speed and getting the clubface back to square on the right swing path.

I look at what you do naturally and look for the biggest fault and fix that, which will allow other things to naturally fall into place. You want to improve on just one thing at a time.

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