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Next Level Golf

By Joe Park

Solid Shots-


Pre Swing Fundementals-

-Grip- left hand

heal pad-2:00-2to3 knuckles-vpoints to right sjoulder

-right hand

fingers think baseball

-Posture- forward bend- side bend-chin space

-ball position

-alignment / training your eyes

-Favor your left side at address


Cleaning up your backswing-

-get your swing on plane

-whats a flat swing

-whats a steep swing

-the p's

-the pivot

-hip turn / left hip space- don't burn your pants

-start the mower 



-whats the first move

-to shift or not to shift

-shaft hip drill

-lead wrist closing / leading







-hitting down on the ball

-going up through impact

-going up makes club go down



Follow through-



Ball flight laws





Using your body as leverage in the golf swing- 


at that skill level



Motor learning skills plays such an important part as to how to learn the most effiently and quickest way and retention. The two ways of focus learning is External focus learning or Internal focus learning. Both play an import part of learning depending on more where your current skill level is meaning beginner, intermediat or advanced golfer. Extrenal focus in golf would away from the body and internal would be focusing closer to the body.


Performance is often enhanced imediatly when you focus externally verses internally but also the learning process is more facilitated when the learner adopts external focus. So learning is sped up and you learn at higher skill level sooner than internal focus. 


This then brings up attention to focusing on body movements verses club movements and which is more effective. Theres no qustion that both are impoprtant because they both are moving but if we start with looking at the objetive of golf which is getting the ball where we want it to go, this is done by the the golf club, which means the movement of the club should be the study first then looking at the body of what it needs to do to accommidate the club.Focusing so much on body movements of the golf swing is the reason for golfers not improving.  


Outcome vs Proccess is again dependant on where the individual is at with their skill level. Outcome works better when the golfer is more advanced and Proccess is more evident for the beginner to intermediat because their still lacking the skills to let the concious mind take over becaus it is not yet ready to perform at the highest level of letting go or outcome oriented. Body movement focus distrupts the fluidity of the task but at the same time how can one have fluiity when the skill has not yet been trained or mastered through practice and time.This is why process come befor outcome.

An example of outcome vs process would be the group of golfers that were tested on weight shift in teh downswing to finish. Half the group were 


Beginners need to understand or picture the big pitcure or goal of what is the golf swing, the shape of the golf swing, and the cause and effect of a golf swing then understand the ball and its design of how it gets in the air which which will then present the ball flight laws for intermediat golfers.


Intermediaet golfers understand the importance of good fundementals but acually lack good fundamentals such as grip posture alightment proper swing path impact and true cause and effect. An example would be hitting down pon the ball or what really is compression.


The advance golfer needs to just tighten up the fundementals but also learn how to let go and focus more on external focus such as the end goal. This is mostly done by giving reasurance or permission to let go and that everything  is set up and ready to let it happen. 


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